Cross Platform Iot at GXUGSA

Last night was the Cross Iot Session at GXUGSA in Johannesburg.    It’s always fun presenting all the Iot toys, but also what can actually be done with Xamarin and the rest of the Microsoft tooling.


It’s also not always clear that you can basically do anything you want with Xamarin, so always nice and exciting to showcase it outside the usual phone type scenarios.



Gert Talking Windows 10 Iot Core



The session featured


Visual Micro for Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code with Arduino Extension which is now Open Source.

Xamarin Forms and Xamarin.Android with Android Things 0.4 Preview

The new Xamarin Iot preview for Linux based devices

Windows 10 Iot Core

Azure Iot Hubs


Devices wise 


Raspberry Pi 2 + 3

Intel Edison

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Latte Panda and Arduino Leonardo

MXChip Azure Kit

Devices Devices Everywhere

The presentation can be found here:


Android Things Weather Station Sample with Azure Iot Hubs:

Cross Platform Generic Xamarin Forms sample that ran on Phone, Android Things and Windows 10 Iot:


Xamarin Android Things Nuget:


Xamarin Android Things Contrib Drivers:


Getting Started with Xamarin Iot:


MXChip Azure Kit:


Android Things Starter Kit with Rainbow Hat:


Rainbow HAT


Behind the Scenes Fun 🙂


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