ScaleConf was an awesome 2 day conference. In is held annually at Kirstenbosch, which is an amazing venue. There were some really interesting talks too!

I was lucky enough to this year be helping out at the Microsoft booth. I’m always in my element to be able to chat to the community about anything developer related.

The plan was an agenda of various Microsoft Demos presented by the booth team:

It didn’t quite end up like that, and we ended up talking about what was requested, which was great. In my case, not only did I get to chat about Bots and ML .NET, but also got to speak about Xamarin and IoT too, which for me is always just plain awesome!!!

ScaleConf Kicking off
We are ready 🙂

More Stickers 🙂

Day 2 Kicks Off
Azure IoT was a hot topic

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