Visual Studio: The one IDE to rule them all

This week there was some great news about .NET MF and the return of the Netduino!(


I was inspired enough to dust off one of my older projects which included .NET MF and the Xamarin Monkey Robotics project. I then decided to consolidate and rearrange it with some of the newer stuff I’m playing with in the “Iot” space.    It’s also an example of how Visual Studio can handle projects of all types, held together and fully “debuggable” within one solution.     This seems like a good time to do this especially with the recent talks at the Xamarin User Groups in Cape Town (  and Johannesburg ( on the topic.



Visual Studio Controller of Things Solution


I do still have to port all this to Visual Studio 15.3 preview 3 so I can have Xamarin Iot working in the solution as well.


Still a lot of on the list to do today, so I’ll end off here.


Happy Iot’ing!

Xamarin.Forms ContextActions, Binding and Mvvm Code Sample

How to bind a ContextAction in a Xamarin Forms ListView to a View Model?  This is a question I was asked recently.   I created a simple code sample for this, so thought I’d share it with everyone.


Below is a link to the sample on GitHub.    It includes an example of how to do it in code and in XAML.


Happy Xamarin.Forms Coding!